TradeTech Europe 2024: Connect with Excellence in Equity Trading

Palais des Congrès de Paris

Monday, 22 April 2024


Unlock unparalleled opportunities by connecting with the forefront of equity trading. In an era of geopolitical uncertainties, economic shifts, and liquidity challenges, seize your chance to re-connect, build new contacts, and capitalize on emerging prospects.


Why Attend?

Discover strategies from industry leaders at the largest gathering of buy side heads of equity trading and key players across the value chain. Gain practical insights on:

  • Tackling Macro Risks: Adapt your desk to global economic uncertainty, addressing the impact of soft or hard landing recessions.
  • Enhancing Market Transparency: Stay ahead with updates on the European Consolidated Tape in the UK and European markets to boost transparency.
  • Strategic Liquidity Partnerships: Forge partnerships to enhance access to liquidity sources and navigate market fragmentation effectively.
  • Gaining a Trading Edge: Evaluate and invest in advanced equity trading data and technology for improved performance.
  • Building a Winning Multi-Asset Desk: Define key strategies, capabilities, and skillsets required to run a successful multi-asset desk.
  • Navigating Profit Margins and Higher Rates: Deliver for end investors in the face of weaker profit margins and higher rates.

Join us for a unique chance to network with the 'who is who' in equity trading and navigate the evolving equities landscape. Seize this opportunity to thrive in challenging times.

TradeTech Europe