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Planning the right solution can require a more in-depth analysis of your existing technology environment, so ITRS Professional Services offers a flexible model that allows us to provide a service to fit your specific needs

Implementation of new IT solutions in complex infrastructures can be time consuming and challenging. Our ITRS Professional Services experts provide solutions that adhere to industry and ITRS best practices, ensuring a maximum return on investment from your deployment. The approach used enables a faster implementation time and can progress your solution to higher levels.

ITRS has developed a methodology to cover all aspects of the monitoring environment lifecycle. The ITRS Monitoring Maturity Model delivers Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and IT Operational Analytics (ITOA) at staged levels.

Level 1: Infrastructure

Provides base-level peace of mind, monitoring operating systems, hardware and network health

Level 2: Basic Applications

Lights-on monitoring for any application by providing detailed process information, log monitoring and interactive commands

Level 3: Advanced Applications

Specially designed interfaces empowering deep-dive analysis for a large number of industry standard applications as well as tools to create custom interfaces

Level 4: End-to-end Monitoring

Collection of data from multiple application sources to provide transaction analysis across multiple, distributed business areas

Level 5: Business Activity

A meaningful display of the success or failure of business activities based on the underlying real-time data from across the entire infrastructure and application components.

What to expect from your Professional Services engagement:

Step 1: One of our team will undertake a full analysis of your existing implementation and provide a complete report on the current status of your IT environment.

Step 2: Drawing on our unparalleled product, domain and customer expertise, we collaborate with your team ensuring an in-depth understanding of your requirements.

Step 3: A comprehensive solution proposal and implementation plan is provided, based on the newest functionality available, ensuring your key issues are resolved and business requirements met.

Some examples of the key benefits achieved:

  • Greater return on investment than by implementing ITRS products alone
  • Improves team efficiency and allows your staff to focus on business as usual
  • Faster implementation to a high standard
  • Global support – ITRS Professional Services can work on site with your teams anywhere in the world

Consultancy packages available

There are a variety of options available for existing and new ITRS deployments:

  • Analytical services - recommendations for implementation or enhancement of your Geneos or Insights environments
  • Deployment services - to deploy new Geneos or Insights environments or implement new functionality or enhancements to existing environments
  • Standalone services - to assist with the day to day running and usage of Geneos and Insights. Services include:

- Visualisation projects (dashboards and reports e.g. for trend analysis and capacity planning)
- On site assistance
- Custom development such as algorithms
- A bespoke user guide for your ITRS deployment

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