Infrastructure monitoring for hybrid IT environments

Manage and monitor your entire IT infrastructure, from on-premises to multi-cloud environments. Experience streamlined operations, enhanced efficiency, agility, scalability and cost savings with ITRS Opsview.

Infrastructure Monitoring - Extend observability

Extend observability in one enterprise infrastructure monitoring platform

  • Understand related entities, from customer and end-user experience, availability of APIs and ports, messaging, banking services, database, hosting OS, web server, and close of business (COB).
  • See unique business and service level KPIs in cause and effect contextual views, all with preconfigured dashboards.
  • Easily drill-down to identify root-causes.
  • See relevant metrics in context, at your fingertips, only one click away.
Infrastructure Monitoring - Critical tasks

Allow your team to concentrate on critical tasks

  • By utilizing hierarchy-based alert suppression, you can streamline your workflow, minimize interruptions, and ensure that your team remains focused on essential operations.
  • Quickly detect anomalies for proactive action and better team productivity.
  • Directly drill down to the detailed logs from your main dashboards.
  • Benefit from smarter alerting that pin points the issue, not the symptoms.
Infrastructure Monitoring - Reduce silos

Reduce silos for root cause analysis investigations

  • Monitor all messages going through your systems: current messages, average time in queue, queue alerts, topic alerts, broker alerts, and log errors.
  • Monitor infrastructure through a single pane of glass.
  • View and administer monitoring across on-premises, hybrid, public and private cloud and containerized infrastructures.
Infrastructure Monitoring - Cloud agility

Deliver cloud agility, regulatory compliance, and data security

  • Deploy infrastructure monitoring technology within virtual private cloud, running on a public cloud, on-premises, or a geographic region of your choosing.
  • Comply with GDPR data-protection, data sovereignty, and other regulatory and industry requirements.
  • Save backed up data for summary reporting for specifically negotiated intervals of time.
Infrastructure Monitoring - Business Service Monitoring

Replace silos with integrated workflows to make IT more agile, insightful

  • Integrate infrastructure monitoring seamlessly with IT Operations Management, Issue Tracking, Notifications, Collaboration, IT Automation processes, and more.
  • Utilise Business Service Monitoring for understanding business impact from hybrid IT environments.
  • Directly drill down to the detailed logs from your main dashboards.

Take your infrastructure monitoring to the next level with ITRS

Build a full picture of your infrastructure with a scalable, fully integrated solution that can be deployed on-premises or as SaaS to monitor operating systems, networks, cloud, VMs, containers, databases, applications, and more.