Take the leap to observability

See what is happening in your full IT stack - networks, infrastructure, applications, data and more.


Get real-time observability for all your IT environments

  • Deploy real-time observability and monitoring for all IT environments on-premises and in the cloud.
  • Aggregate data from multiple monitoring tools, across distributed environments, etc.
  • Store data effectively, balancing the need for depth of data with the cost of storage.
  • Use sophisticated analysis and AI to identify root causes and trends.

Discover the ‘why’ about IT incidents with observability

  • Store and analyze all monitoring data (logs, time series metrics, alerts, etc).
  • Gain insights from properties and patterns that are not defined in advance.
  • Use algorithms to detect anomalies in the IT estate which may cause failure.
  • Locate root cause after an event and avoid performance issues in the future.

Understand your IT business environment, act now, plan for tomorrow

  • Improve business performance by seeing the relationships between data, processes, and transactions.
  • See the impact your IT performance has on transactions or customer experience.
  • Ensure the highest availability and performance for your IT environment.
  • Realize better mean time to recovery (MTTR) and avoid “severity 1” events that impact customers.

Realize the benefits from monitoring with observability

  • Supercharge operational resiliency (SLAs, SLOs, SLIs).
  • Avoid regulatory fees or penalties.
  • Boost cost savings thanks to lower downtime.
  • Reduce alert fatigue through better automation.

Fix IT problems faster with observable context data

  • Add context to alerts to see relationships between your data, processes and transactions.
  • Improve business performance with intelligent data storage and aggregation to drive competitive advantage.
  • View with a single pane of glass and take control of your complex IT environments.

Experience the future of IT observability

Dive into a new IT insights era with ITRS. Monitor your entire stack, uncover patterns, prevent incidents, and boost performance.