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Whitepaper: Becoming a resilient payment provider


Whitepaper: Becoming a resilient payment provider

Payment Providers have experienced high profile outages throughout 2020 and 2021. ITRS Group delve into some of the common industry pitfalls and solutions which have helped to create resilience against those same outages.

Resilience for payment providers

Best practice in maintaining low latency

Identify and prevent issues before they place strain on your business. 
The volume of data is increasing exponentially, and more data makes it harder to find the signal amongst the noise. Modern monitoring requires advanced analytics and machine learning techniques to spot issues, anomalies and correlations. It also needs to be able to operate using any data and be able to integrate seamlessly with other market leading tools.

What does that mean to you? It's simple - the need for comprehensive monitoring and the best practices which support it have never been more critical. Read the definitive whitepaper by downloading now. 

"As many as 90% of Worldpay payments through GOV.UK were failing due to the Worldpay payment service being degraded for almost 16 hours on 20 July 2020." *