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Observe, analyze and predict IT issues proactively

ITRS Obcerv enables control of complex IT with intelligent data storage and aggregation, forecasting, dynamic dashboards, and API interoperability.

Monitor your entire stack with preconfigured integrations, including:

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Obcerv - Fix IT problems faster

Fix IT problems faster with a powerful, real-time observability platform

ITRS Obcerv adapts to your business, whether you prefer on-premises deployment, hassle-free managed services, or a state-of-the-art SaaS solution.

  • Add context to alerts: See relationships between your data, processes and transactions.

  • Improve business performance: Intelligent data storage and aggregation drives competitive advantage from your IT.

  • Deploy powerful APIs: Fully interoperable with a range of applications.

  • View with a single pane of glass: Take control of your complex IT environments with dynamic dashboards.

Obcerv - Reduce MTTR

Quickly get to the root cause and reduce MTTR

  • Optimize visibility: Gain easy access to relevant logs before, during and after an outage.

  • Consolidate data: Use metrics, logs and trace data for insights from any source.

  • Accelerate root cause analysis: Use correlated, contextualized alerts to speed up root cause analysis.

  • Forecast future issues: Use historical data analysis & analytics for predictive forecasting.

Obcerv - Bring dashboards to life

Bring dashboards to life

  • Incorporate data from multiple monitoring sources.

  • Use powerful tagging for a single pane of glass view on several monitoring tools.

  • Predict business levels with a rich set of forecasting algorithms.

  • Grafana data source creates visualizations to share all key business and application data and tell a story.

Obcerv - Identify trends

Identify trends, root causes and actionable insights

  • Leverage tool-agnostic unification and aggregation.

  • Intelligently store, access and view all data including from non-ITRS products.

  • Deploy an “opinionated” data model to mitigate alert storms via noise reduction.

  • Bridge visibility gaps with OpenTelemetry support to provide a common format of instrumentation across all services.

Obcerv  - Forecast Issues

Forecast issues before they become incidents

  • Detect trends by comparing historical forecasts against actuals.

  • See when drives are running out of space.

  • Detect memory leaks & CPU growth.

  • Retrospective analysis and improvement.

Obcerv - alerts and notifications

Never miss an important alert or notification

  • Receive alerts in your preferred channel with integration to third-party tools like Slack and Webhook.

  • Group alerts by their common traits so it's easier to understand their context.

  • Identify and reconfigure rules and thresholds to help reduce alert fatigue.

See ITRS Obcerv in action

We offer customized demos tailored to your specific needs. Book your demo today and discover how ITRS Obcerv can get you complete observability.