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Elevate performance with website and API monitoring

ITRS Uptrends helps you identify issues before they impact your visitors, optimize your site for maximum speed, and gain valuable insights into your users' behavior.

Digital Experience Monitoring

Monitor your digital experience from end-to-end

  • Track your website’s uptime and website speed from anywhere in the world.

  • Monitor key user journeys within your web application.

  • Pinpoint the elements that are slowing down your site.

  • Identify underlying issues and set up ongoing API monitoring to keep tabs on changing conditions.

Web Application Monitoring

Capture user journeys with our intuitive recorder

  • Monitor processes like logins, signups, shopping carts, bookings and payments.

  • Get screenshots and waterfall reports for every step.

  • Create and change scripts yourself (via the editor, or through the raw JSON script), or let our Support team handle it.

  • Use the API to integrate user journeys into your release management workflow and CI/CD processes.

Web Performance Monitoring

Identify the root cause of slowdowns with accuracy

  • Analyze element load times and timeouts in detail with comprehensive waterfall reports, which break down the load time of each element.

  • Simulate a mobile device with custom screen size and resolution, and simulate 3G and 4G network speeds by throttling bandwidth.

  • Capture a visual timeline of page loading by generating screenshots during the loading process.

  • Compare your site's performance to industry benchmarks and track key loading events using Google's Core Web Vitals and W3C navigation timing metrics.

Real User Monitoring (RUM)

Improve user satisfaction with Real User Monitoring

  • Visualize your website's real-time user experience across various browsers, devices, locations, and operating systems.

  • Access location-specific performance data based on your visitors' country and state.

  • Optimize your site's performance for your customers' preferred technology.

  • Analyze the impact of individual environment variables on your website's performance.

API Monitoring

Optimize API performance, function and uptime

  • Conduct comprehensive API testing by configuring multiple HTTP requests and processing retrieved data across multiple steps.

  • Evaluate the performance of each request and establish maximum response time thresholds with assertive testing.

  • Test a variety of API interactions, including redirects, authentication, and CRUD operations, while monitoring response codes and content.

  • Utilize multiple regular expressions to support complex pattern matching, regardless of whether your API returns XML or JSON data.


Get accurate alerts and no false positives

  • Notify the right people at the right moment.

  • Receive notifications through voice/phone, SMS, email, or push notifications via our iOS and Android mobile apps.

  • Integrate website monitoring alerts with tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, or PagerDuty, or create custom integrations using webhooks.

  • Capture error screenshots to get visual confirmation.

Private Checkpoints

Monitor any environment from the security of your own private location

  • Set up private locations in critical business areas for uninterrupted user access to key applications.

  • Track your team's daily dependencies on intranet, web applications, APIs, and servers.

  • Run Windows Docker containers on your own hardware and install by pulling containers from our repository.

  • Install the location from our repository and facilitate easy updates through automation.

See ITRS Uptrends in action

Get a customized demo from one of our experts and see how ITRS Uptrends can help you optimize your digital experience with Synthetic and Real User Monitoring.