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Monitor your applications, processes and infrastructure for instant visibility of the technology that drives your business

True Application Performance Monitoring: focusing on core applications

Distilling critical information from the millions of metrics that flow through your system is key to rapid problem solving. By monitoring the relationships between applications and the services they rely on – such as databases, middleware, hardware and other applications – users can harness valuable insight to troubleshoot problems quickly. Users can monitor applications with ease, and in as much depth as they need, at the click of a button. 

Extracting business data from custom workflows

A healthy application is rendered redundant without knowledge of its throughput. Flow adapters' translation of data is vital to application support and development teams as well as being a key tool in examining the health and throughput, or ‘flow’, of applications. The ability of flow adapters to recognise and parse messages makes the instrumentation of throughput easy.

Development toolkit and robust API: extending your capability

A development toolkit is essential for expanding your client offering. Our development toolkit enables users to instrument and extract data from Java Applications, industry standard middleware, application log files and production databases quickly. In addition, generic log readers can be tuned to look for key words, auto parse complex file lines and keep a persistence state based on message data. The streaming API, Open Access, can be used to easily link Geneos to other systems, feeding real time data to analytics frameworks, visualisation tools or other monitoring software.

Efficient data aggregation, consolidation and storage

Geneos middle-tier aggregates and consolidates data from hundreds of servers and applications. It stores historical configuration data, distributing specific configurations to hundreds of servers in order to collect, consolidate and analyse the data. In short, it allows clients to customise, personalise and manage their data through its proactive alerts, which include contextual information, standardised responses and automated actions.

Geneos provides enterprise resiliency through a dynamic failover process, minimising down time and maintaining your real time monitoring capability.

Secure, holistic and sharable views of the entire enterprise

Geneos provides a single view of your technology performance, through customisable user interfaces that cater for multiple user types. The dashboards couple a high-level view of the current state of monitored infrastructure with the ability to drill down to detailed data, homing in on the indicators and other underlying data contained in multiple locations, applications and servers. It also allows easy access to all your data within a single application with command-and-control capabilities to deal with alerts and notifications. Taking advantage of finely grained permissioning, users can easily and directly access and control multiple system elements. A web-based front end for accessing real time metrics streamed from Geneos framework allows you to share information easily across multiple lines of business.

End to end business visibility

Combining business flow data, real time application performance and dependent service monitoring into one display gives users a fully interactive end-to-end view. The dashboard capabilities in Geneos are highly configurable so users can create their own view to best suit their needs. 

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