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Make the most out of your data with intelligent storage

Intelligent correlation of data from disparate sources, powerful meta-tagging and best-of breed centralized dashboarding allows you to store, collate, contextualise and view your data.

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Save money on data storage

Data compression ensures that storage costs are affordable, without compromising on reliability.

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Understand and fix problems quicker

Correlated and contextualised alerts ensure they are as useful as possible to the operator, and log aggregation accelerates root cause analysis.

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Fully interoperable via unique APIs

Our unique and sophisticated APIs mean that Obcerv can be fully interoperable with a range of applications.

Key use cases


Rationalising alerts

ITRS Obcerv provides context and meaning to alerts from multiple platforms, and correlates alerts to ensure they remain meaningful to the operator.


Log investigation

Logs are often kept in independent storage systems that are not referenceable outside a specific location, and the tremendous volume of logs produced by applications make them even more difficult to analyse.

ITRS Obcerv provides log investigation that enables operators to see logs in context, and also accelerates root cause analysis, all without complex indexes.

Enterprise data storage

Modern data monitoring often requires huge capabilities to manage the volume, variety and velocity of data. Tools that do not help normalise are just flat storage systems. All of these factors create a complex data monitoring environment that can cause the cost of data storage to skyrocket.

ITRS Obcerv intelligently correlates data from multiple data feeds and streams, provides dimensionality to stored data via meta-tagging, and maintains data fidelity while compressing the data to ensure that storage costs remain affordable.


Best of breed centralized dashboarding incorporates data from multiple monitoring sources, and powerful tagging allows visualisation of data that would otherwise be siloed – giving large monitoring teams a single pane of glass view on several monitoring tools.

A rich set of forecasting algorithms help your dashboards come to life and predict business levels.

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Obcerv Datasource for Grafana

Obcerv uses an officially signed Grafana datasource to create beautiful visualizations that share all of the key business and application data with the enterprise. By combining critical monitoring logs and metrics, it is able to tell the operator a story. The datasource can be used with Grafana Cloud or in local deployments.

Full interoperability capabilities via powerful APIs

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In addition to working seamlessly with the entire suite of ITRS Group products and applications, Obcerv has been designed with full interoperability in mind.

Sophisticated and powerful APIs enable you to use Obcerv with non-ITRS products as easily as with ITRS products – so you can intelligently store, access and view your data, no matter where it comes from.