ITRS Synthetic Monitoring

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Ensure maximum levels of performance and uptime on websites, apps and APIs

Global Reach
Global Reach

Simulate realistic user journeys from 180+ locations across 60+ countries worldwide

APM Integrations

End-to-end insights via integration with AppDynamics, Dynatrace or New Relic

Instant Alerts
Instant Alerts

Route issues via email, SMS, custom webhooks, or 3rd party tools such as Slack, PagerDuty and ServiceNow

Open APIs
Open APIs

Create custom integrations and feed synthetic data to BI and visualisation tools such as Splunk and Grafana

$100K+ of cost is incurred per hour of infrastructure downtime

High demand on ever changing technology

Client expectations put a growing burden on companies to deliver high-performing, always-on digital experiences. But while users today engage with businesses on many channels and devices—from websites to APIs and apps—many monitoring tools have limited coverage of next-generation technologies. This prevents businesses from acquiring the intelligence to identify and prioritise issues before they affect users, leaving businesses vulnerable to revenue loss and reputational damage. With increasing complexity and continuous change becoming the new norm, businesses can’t afford to manage their applications with incomplete tools.

Visibility on performance & availability

ITRS Synthetic Monitoring provides organisations with the ability to monitor websites, applications and APIs from across the globe delivering visibility into the performance and availability of their most critical systems. By ensuring applications are always up and running smoothly, business leaders and IT and development teams can mitigate risk while ensuring an optimal user experience.

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ITRS Synthetic Monitoring Global, open, instant

Out of the box integrations, open APIs and instant alerting. All simulated from 180+ locations worldwide.

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An introduction to Service Level Agreements, Service Level Objectives, and how to use ITRS Synthetic Monitoring to measure compliance.

ITRS Synthetic Monitoring is a powerful monitoring tool built for enterprises seeking predictive insight into the performance and uptime of websites, applications, APIs and IoT.

This webinar cover Operation Resilience, What is an SLA Agreement, Best Metrics to use for SLA, How to Handle Service Hours and Maintenance Windows and How to use Synthetic Monitoring to provide SLA compliance.

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