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ITRS Uptrends Synthetic Monitoring

Ensure the uptime and performance of your website, APIs and servers, get alerted immediately when something breaks and integrate seamlessly with your tools.

The average cost of downtime is $5,600 per minute, according to Gartner

What is synthetic monitoring?

Synthetic monitoring is the process of subjecting your website or application to simulated user activities, such as clicks, searches or transactions, and recording the response metrics. By regularly conducting these tests, your synthetic testing regimen establishes a baseline of normal application/website performance data, which documents desired or acceptable application performance levels. Departures from normal performance band-lines can be flagged and used to generate alerts to IT staff.

Synthetic monitoring is a type of website monitoring solution, and is often paired with Real User Monitoring (RUM) to form a complete test suite for application or website behaviour. The difference between synthetic monitoring and RUM is that synthetic tests are predetermined, code-driven interactions that happen according to script, whereas real user testing occurs when live, unscripted users are exposed to your application or website and permitted to perform operations according to their own desires.

Both styles of monitoring provide unique benefits; they are ideally used in tandem. ITRS combines real and synthetic monitoring in its digital experience monitoring solution.


ITRS Uptrends Synthetic Monitoring: a best-in-class solution

ITRS has a robust synthetic monitoring solution that is capable of simulating complex user paths and transactions, and is suitable for a wide variety of applications and websites. Look no further for a cutting-edge website monitoring tool. Find issues in your websites and applications, establish performance baselines, monitor multi-step transactions and meet or beat your service level agreements (SLAs) with ITRS’ synthetic monitoring.

Client expectations put a growing burden on companies to deliver high-performing, always-on digital experiences. But while users today engage with businesses on many channels and devices—from websites to APIs and apps—many monitoring tools have limited coverage of next-generation technologies. This prevents businesses from acquiring the intelligence to identify and prioritise issues before they affect users, leaving businesses vulnerable to revenue loss and reputational damage. With increasing complexity and continuous change becoming the new norm, businesses can’t afford to manage their applications with incomplete tools.

ITRS Uptrends provides organisations with the ability to monitor websites, applications and APIs from across the globe delivering visibility into the performance and availability of their most critical systems. By ensuring applications are always up and running smoothly, business leaders and IT and development teams can mitigate risk while ensuring an optimal user experience.