Trade Analytics

Enhance real-time monitoring for both business and technology functions with Trade Analytics

ITRS in partnership with Velocimetrics delivers optimised efficiency, intelligent monitoring and operational resilience.

Low impact data collection

Data collected at hundreds of data points

Real-time Speed

Built for the most demanding environments, process millions of transactions per second.

Supports highly-complex environments

Built for highly-complex environments where speed and uptime are existential issues.

Trade specific monitoring

True front-to-back monitoring, across dozens of different systems.

Delivered in partnership with Velocimetrics

5ms latency vs the competition, can cost $4 million per millisecond

Powerful financial partnership

ITRS in partnership with Velocimetrics presents Trade Analytics, for businesses who require real-time monitoring in trading environments. ITRS Geneos and Velocimetrics’ VMX EndToEnd integration enables real-time in-stream monitoring and analysis for high volume trading environments, with zero additional latency. 
Trade Analytics is particularly valuable in high frequency, high value markets such as FX, Equities and Fixed Income. It also facilitates real-time optimisation of business transactions in complex, time-critical environments to swiftly drill-down the root cause through ITRS Geneos.

Born in the most demanding environments

Tabb Group estimates losses of $4 million in revenues per millisecond when an electronic trading platform is 5ms behind the competition. That figure increases as the severity of the delay is exaggerated. Sophisticated trading operations now demand both real-time and post-event analytics to achieve a competitive trading edge. Only in-stream monitoring can provide actionable trading insights fast enough for truly informed trading decisions. Regulatory requirements now demand proof of operational resiliency. Accurately record all market activity and automatically generate near real-time reports to meet regulatory standards.

Real, real-time monitoring

Monitor performance, latency, availability and other issues that may arise within a production environment. Monitor connections, port availability, create latency thresholds and other components to assess poor performance and forecast potential outages. 

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