IT observability for Higher Education

Guarantee an optimal digital experience and IT performance for students and staff

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Attract and retain talent with a brilliant digital experience

Every online interaction matters — from a student’s application process to a staff member accessing internal services each day. With 96% of students believing a high-quality digital experience is important to their satisfaction, higher education providers are under pressure to continually guarantee service accessibility and performance. 


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ITRS gives you a suite of monitoring tools

  • Digital experience monitoring — Deliver consistent website and applications reachability and performance, regardless of end-users' geographies or time zones 
  • Synthetic transaction monitoring — Tap the necessary insight to guarantee smooth transaction journeys, whether simple or multi-step, browser or API
  • Business service monitoring — Understand how IT performance impacts business services, isolate and remediate the issue before it spreads
  • IT infrastructure monitoring — Rely on extensive technology coverage and enterprise-grade scalability for hybrid IT environments
  • AIOps — Make the right decisions with AI-driven insights to filter out the noise and accelerate issue identification and remediation 

ITRS equips you with the means to uphold the digital experience and online services that underpins your world-class reputation.  


Elevate your digital services with ITRS

Drive operational efficiency. Boost your reputation. Attract and retain talent.