Full visibility in the stock exchange market

Through real-time technology and highly customised deployment, Geneos has helped some of the world’s leading stock exchanges to increase visibility of their business service availability for futures and options.


Monitoring tool consolidation and app integration

Lack of visibility and the use of multiple monitoring tools have become common challenges for organisations operating in financial services, and stock markets in particular. This technological complexity is often aggravated by the high amount of vendor applications coming in and by increasingly tight service level requirements that are putting even more pressure on IT operations teams.

How Geneos can help improve visibility for stock exchanges

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Single view over in-house and vendor applications

Geneos provides an enterprise monitoring solution that can mitigate the complexity of IT estates by covering both disparate applications sourced from multiple vendors and in-house solutions.

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Business service monitoring

The consolidated, real-time dashboards provided by Geneos allow for a centralised view over business services, across different functional teams, supporting knowledge sharing, issue detection and compliance.

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Metric correlation

Using pattern-based analytics to correlate various metrics into singular events, Geneos enables you to build a full picture of what’s happening in your exchange’s IT infrastructure and make the right decisions in real time.

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Geneos can be fully customised to provide tailored views according to different technical and business requirements and across all levels of monitoring, from basic functions, like disk space and CPU, to the most complex business processes.

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Issue detection and resolution

This holistic, real-time approach to monitoring provided by Geneos allows IT operations teams to detect faults earlier than any business or external stakeholders, enabling faster resolution and a proactive approach to incident prevention and compliance.

What’s the outcome for leading stock exchanges using Geneos?

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  • Zero alerts missed on the monitoring estate in the past five years.
  • IT ops team being able to identify issues before any other stakeholder.
  • Noise reduction, with less than 10 alerts per day.
  • Improved change management across the IT estate, with effortless implementation.
  • A single view over the complete exchange status available in the Head of Operations TV Screen.

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