Powerful performance for FIX monitoring

Enable visibility into trading communications made using the Financial Information eXchange (FIX) Protocol with application monitoring and observability


Route FIX message flows to exchanges, FIX engines, or clients as needed

  • Extract real-time FIX messages to create historical business data views and analytical reports.
  • Check order status metrics and turnaround times per client, exchange, or instrument. 
  • Show current status and metrics for FIX conversations of a FIX engine views by session. 
  • Drill down to view FIX message conversations within the lifecycle of the order and display order history details. 

Customize FIX messages for error flagging and increase visibility in trading

  • Show all messages matching user-specified criteria with a message detector. 
  • Design your own customized views to control row grouping, column definitions and, message filtering. 
  • Leverage FIX engine monitoring trading activity overlaid with application and infrastructure metrics. 
  • Configure your own completely customized views to control row grouping, column definitions and, message filtering. 

Get fast, powerful processing and analysis of FIX log files  

  • FIX logs produced by application processes are hosted on a server away from mission-critical FIX engine servers. 
  • Fast performance and message throughput with log files read by a lightweight File Agent process. 
  • Forward messages to FIX Analyzer hosted on an application monitoring server.  
  • Ensure parsing and analysis of the FIX messages do not impact the performance of any applications on the server. 

Experience more with ITRS Geneos application and infrastructure monitoring 

  • Use real-time application monitoring for insights into performance metrics affecting end-user experience.
  • Automatically collect data on every tier of your transaction IT stack,  from legacy systems to cloud environments. 
  • Leverage comprehensive dashboards to efficiently drill down and discover the underlying root cause of incidents. 
  • Discover more than 100 pre-configured plug-ins – including the FIX protocol plug-in – with seamless integration to all the technologies in your estate. 

Revolutionize FIX protocol monitoring with ITRS Geneos

Unlock the full potential of FIX protocol monitoring with ITRS Geneos. Elevate your trading communications visibility, customize FIX messages, and ensure lightning-fast analysis of FIX log files. Discover over 100 pre-configured plug-ins for comprehensive insights. Experience the power of FIX monitoring today.