FIX monitoring: maintain FIX trading performance

Gain visibility and actionable insight into trading communications that use the Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol



Ensure trading excellence  

Managing vast and complex FIX systems is no small task, especially when any disruption can have a massive impact on a firm’s revenue and business reputation. Connectivity issues, latency concerns, and demands for human intervention all present a sizeable risk to trading. The experts responsible for maintaining operational performance need to rapidly pinpoint issues, effectively remediate them, and continually enable traders to excel.  


Use Cases

Strengthen FIX resilience 

  • FIX connectivity: Before, during, and at the end of the trading day, you need visibility and insights on all FIX connections and their live status. Maintain smooth operations to maximize trading opportunities.  


  • FIX message integrity: When most interactions rely on FIX messages, any validation issues can introduce friction to the trading process. Be ready to identify and address potential risks to trade flows before they impact your business.  


  • FIX performance: Every millisecond matters in the fast-moving capital markets industry. Proactively monitor and minimize the latency of all FIX sessions to ensure counterparties are confident in trading with you. 


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Geneos FIX enables you to: 

  • Monitor FIX logs and message flows 
  • Automate real-time alerting 
  • Customize business data views 
  • Aggregate metrics to identify trends  
  • Drill-down into FIX message conversations 
  • Protect performance with a light-touch footprint 

Geneos FIX lets you maintain resilient trading communications with counterparties and mitigate the risk of disruption.  


Customer Story

Rely on trusted, industry-leading monitoring capabilities 

Our comprehensive, real-time FIX monitoring solution enables financial firms to maintain their competitive edge and elevate technology performance in a demanding global market.     


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Enhance your trading communications with Geneos FIX monitoring

Ensure resilient trading operations. Retain the confidence of your counterparties. Maximize revenue.