Monitoring for exchanges and market data vendors

Monitor, track and manage transaction rates, latency and anomalies for market data feeds and order execution.

Exchanges - Availability to customer

Ensure constant availability, connectivity & accessibility of data feeds to customers

  • Monitor the health and performance of servers and applications to determine system health.  

  • Gain visibility of throughput and transaction rates to gauge capacity and identify deviations.

  • Manage and control the availability of inbound and outbound data feeds

  • Adapt and scale your capabilities to effectively handle the increasing demands of a growing user base.

Exchanges - Analyze system

Collect and analyze system and application logs for proactive insights to incidents

  • Monitor user activity and login patterns for security anomalies to detect unauthorized activities. 

  • Track error rates and identify failures to allow for proactive troubleshooting and fast resolution.

  • Deploy incident and alert management to enable quick response to critical incidents.

Exchanges - Monitoring all client

Monitor all client-facing IT to guarantee accessibility

  • Check latency and data quality of incoming and outgoing market data using market data management (MDM) and feed latency monitor (FLM) plugins. 

  • Identify and fix incidents quickly directly from dashboards, with command and control capabilities. 

  • Track and manage permissions for customers on-premises or in the cloud. 

  • Check and manage client connectivity for market data feeds.

Exchanges - Instill customer confidence

Inspire customer trust with punctual and precise data

  • See latency between execution and market data dissemination. 
  • Check bandwidth of each feed and compare to capacity.
  • Receive instantaneous real-time alerts when feeds experience downtime,  promptly reduce MTTR.
  • Track and monitor all IT-related incidents through a unified single-pane-of-glass dashboard view.

Transform market data management with real-time insights

Elevate your market data management with our advanced transaction monitoring. Gain real-time insights, ensure reliability, and boost customer confidence. Talk to an expert today.