Advanced monitoring strategies for peak trading systems performance


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End-to-end visibility of trading systems

In this free webinar, you will discover how to optimize trading systems with unrivalled visibility through the partnership of ITRS and Luxoft. Revolutionize your trading systems for success with our proactive, advanced monitoring solutions specifically designed for capital markets.

What You'll Learn:

  • Elevate trading systems availability: Learn how our end-to-end monitoring solution provides a continuous layer across trading support teams.

  • Base decisions on actionable insights: Discover how our advanced solution empowers you to take preventive actions for optimal outcomes.

  • Proactively prevent system outages: Explore how our comprehensive suite of tools identify and resolve issues before they impact performance.

  • Healthcheck trading applications: See how an intelligent scoring system that can inform you as to the relative health of your trading technologies.

ITRS X Luxoft


Chris Banat
Chris Banat
Global Head of Solution Innovation, ITRS
Rodney Taylor
Rodney Taylor
Managing Channel Partners, ITRS
Ihyeeddine Elfeki
Ihyeeddine Elfeki
Global Head Trading and Risk Management Solutions, Luxoft