ITRS Geneos Tech Update & new feature demo February 2024


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What you will learn:

  • Prevent application  downtime by proactively resolving MongoDB health issues: Learn how to identify potential database discrepancies and issues with our new MongoDB collection agent plugin. Track the current state of your database, monitor write performance metrics, view storage statistics, and check the state and use of indexes. 

  • Understand Google Cloud Platform services alongside other cloud vendors: Gain a comprehensive understanding of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services with our new collection agent plugin. Explore critical metrics such as cloud functions, networking, and databases to efficiently manage and optimize your cloud infrastructure. 

  • Maximize trading uptime by harnessing advanced FIX monitoring capabilities: Explore how to monitor the latency of FIX transactions to ensure peak performance. Quickly detect out-of-sequence messages across counterparties. Monitor session statuses to minimize downtime and resolve issues quickly before they impact the business. 

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Michael O'Hara
Michael O'Hara
Head of Sales - AMER, ITRS Group
Lokesan Balakrishan
Lokesan Balakrishan
Technical Product Owner, ITRS