Supercharge your core banking systems monitoring with unparalleled observability


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In this free webinar, you will discover how to gain complete visibility into your core banking systems using the only monitoring solution designed for financial services.

  • Gain real-time observability into the health & performance of Core Banking Systems
    Learn how to achieve end-to-end visibility and understanding of what impacts the performance of core banking systems. From client impact, end-user experience, banking services, web servers, messaging, availability of APIs and ports, database, operating system and close of business.

  • Instantly understand what is happening to your close of business (COB)
    Discover three ways to analyze what is happening to your close of business. The dashboard approach provides a snapshot of what is happening in the context of your unique needs. The explorer approach shows the details, and the event ticket approach shows what has happened and when.

  • Easily monitor the status of core components that affect client impact
    Drill down into the root cause of client service issues using a richly detailed dashboard that shows the performance of all client impact elements - system transactions, customers, users (internal staff) and APIs; to help identify issues faster and accelerate resolution times.

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Angelo Louis
Angelo Louis
Global Enterprise Marketing Manager, ITRS
Chris Banat
Chris Banat
Global Head of Solution Innovation, ITRS