Geneos update 2022

Geneos - What's coming up?

These are some of the features coming up over the next 2 to 3 months. As always, we look forward to hearing your comments.

  • Continued focus on cloud monitoring with the ability to consume logs and events from Microsoft Azure, giving full visibility into your Azure environment. We will also add support for additional AWS services to be able to collect metrics via AWS CloudWatch.
  • Enhanced Kubernetes monitoring with visibility into overall status of clusters and nodes, adding to the existing resource level monitoring. We aim to support and document monitoring Amazon EKS and Azure AKS platforms as well as deploying Geneos in those Kubernetes environments.
  • Gateway to publish data to other systems via a generic HTTP POST method. This is in addition to the current Gateway publishing via Kafka which we will continue to support. Filtering will also be available to allow users to control what data is published out of the Gateways, reducing the requirements to manage large volume of data downstream.
  • A Gateway command to output the snapshot view of a data view. This will allow for programmatic (REST API) access to the snapshot of data views in csv and JSON formats.

For more information about our latest product updates, visit our Release Notes page and the What’s New page.