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Geneos - What's coming up?

Some highlights of what is coming up over the next two to three months.

Geneos 6.0 release: August 2022
•    It is nearly two and a half years since Geneos 5.0 was released. We generally bump up the major version every two years, so it is time to move up to Geneos 6.0.
•    We understand not everyone will be able to upgrade to Geneos 6.x for many months to come, so we will continue to support Geneos 5.x at least to end of 2024. Currently there is no end of life date set for Geneos 5.x.
•    End of life for Geneos 4.x versions is set to 31st May 2023. If you are running Geneos 4.x, we advise you to upgrade to Geneos 5.x or newer. Please see compatibility matrix for more details.

Centrally manage Collection Agent configuration
•    Reduce complexity and configuration burden by giving users the ability to manage the Collection Agent configuration centrally. This aligns with how most users already manage their Geneos configuration centrally using Gateway Setup Editor.
•    Improve self-monitoring and status visibility of Collection Agent to help maintain robust data collection capability.

Focus on Kubernetes
•    With increasing use of Kubernetes and containerisation, we want to focus on delivering a comprehensive Kubernetes monitoring solution. This means having additional metrics, support for cloud Kubernetes platforms like AWS EKS and Azure AKS, configuration templates to get started quickly and better documentation overall.

New JDBC plugin
•    Many databases and data platforms support JDBC connectivity to access the data. A JDBC plugin for Geneos would allow easy integration with wide range of databases.

Continued focus on cloud
•    Over the last couple of releases we introduced metric, log and event collection capabilities for Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure platforms to monitor the various cloud services. We will continue to add support for more services and enhance our capabilities to deliver full stack visibility of hybrid environments. 

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