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IT observability with a purpose: translate data into success

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  • The reality of IT observability as it is today  
  • The path to achieving IT observability with a purpose 
  • The story of how ITRS came to be your observability ally 

Our vision at ITRS is to deliver IT observability with a purpose. Our intelligent observability solutions are optimized for specific business outcomes, so that organizations can run resilient, real-time operations while driving transformation wherever they are in their business journey. If these sound like your ambitions, read on.  

IT observability — the panacea to all IT issues, big and small

We are proud to share this myth-busting guide for you to implement it across your organization. 

Current IT observability mythology: 

  • Collect as much data as you can from as many sources as possible 
  • Feed it to an intelligent AI black box (a favorite term, we know) 
  • Interconnect all your IT ecosystems 
  • Voilà, discover the wonderful world of autonomous IT for the Enterprise….

It’s time for a reality check. It’s time to tell your story as it really is.  

First, we’ll introduce the heroes: you’re a professional in IT Operations, Application Support, DevOps, or SRE. You know that a guide is the equivalent of a lifestyle coach on Instagram selling you a dream they don’t live themselves.  

So, what’s the journey you need to go on to make IT observability a reality?  

The real challenges you must overcome with IT observability  

Let’s start with the data collection. Even if you could gather every scrap of data possible — should you? Would you? Where would you store it? What queries would you ask it and to what end? 

Put it in the Cloud or a SaaS tool, some might say.  

But storage in the Cloud can come with a notable price tag, which you then need to justify with the business outcomes all that data is supposedly meant to deliver. What applications are you going to use to analyze it and to what end? 

If you use a SaaS tool, you need to pay the provider’s costs. And guess what — they need to achieve 80% gross margin, which means they must charge you 5x what it costs them to store your data. That insight better be very valuable to justify that mark up and cost.  

Then we arrive at the AI part of the equation. Right now, AI and machine learning algorithms aren’t ready to autonomously make sense of all that data, in real time, and accurately decipher what data is valuable to look at. AI requires human expertise, oversight, and intervention to work effectively.  

That means professionals currently work side-by-side with AI-driven technologies to solve identified IT issues (a.k.a. “known unknowns”) on a case-by-case basis. What data do I need to understand the capacity of my IT estate? Can I capture just that data, put it in a Capacity Planning tool, and get value from that? 

To be candid, many organizations aren’t entirely ready for the shiniest new technology or the Cloud. And there’s no shame in not being Cloud-native, especially when not every organization needs 100% of their infrastructure to sit on the Cloud. Established applications which reside on-prem are still integral to running your business. What you need is the means to get from where you are now to where your organization needs to go to future-proof its success.   

The path to IT observability with a purpose 

At ITRS, our solutions are optimized for defined business outcomes — nothing more, nothing less. We enable organizations to guarantee business resilience, performance, and agility with IT observability.

You need to run your operations and your business optimally as it is now. ITRS owns real-time monitoring, giving you immediate, relevant, and actionable insight. And when we use machine learning, we do so to resolve specific IT issues. Such as Noise Reduction. Or Capacity Planning. By safeguarding your ‘consequential IT’, we help you achieve resilience.  

You also need to make transformation possible with the IT you currently have. We can help you thrive in complexity, whether that’s diverse IT environments or deeply interconnected IT ecosystems. We can meet you at any step in your business transformation and drive your journey forward by providing unmatched visibility of hybrid IT. We can help you break down the monitoring silos that lead to poor visibility of what is going on. If you have or need a combination of legacy, on-prem, SaaS, and cloud environments, we have your back like no one else. The Single Pane of Glass. The monitor of monitors. 

As you run and transform your business, you want to guarantee there is no disruption to business-as-usual, which is why we help you ensure your mission-critical digital transactions can happen 24x7.  

Above all, we stay true to our words: we’ll enable you to solve your known unknowns. 

Your IT observability ally: a short origin story

ITRS was founded 27 years ago as a market data monitoring (MDM) provider, allowing financial services to manage the quality of the data that informs trading. At the heart of this is making certain financial firms use the best, most valuable data to draw insight from and drive business decisions with.  

Today, we apply that mindset across technologies and industries.  

IT has become more diverse and interconnected, particularly with the shift towards microservices and APIs. When you’re renewing your car insurance online, for instance, the renewal service can connect to the DVLA using an API to check you’ve got an MoT. It’s convenient. It’s efficient. But the cost of more connections is fragility. If that API is unavailable, the renewal service breaks. Organizations need the ability to comprehensively observe their IT estate. 

So, we grew to provide real-time applications monitoring (APM), starting with the most demanding capital markets environments. We grew to provide IT infrastructure monitoring (ITIM) for the components underpinning applications. And we grew to provide digital experience monitoring (DEM) so end users receive the top quality services they expect. The insight we provide not only lets you run IT — it lets you run your business and guarantee a great customer experience as well. We make certain your final service is performing as your end user expects. 

Our logical trajectory since day one has been to deliver real IT observability. We break down silos to drive operational intelligence with contextualized IT and business KPIs and insight.  

The happy ending: IT observability with a purpose, in practice 

Thousands of organizations rely on ITRS as their IT observability partner, using our solutions to boost

Our mission is to reinforce IT monitoring with observability and safeguard your business performance with advanced warning and insight. 

It’s to let you run resilient, real-time operations while driving business transformation.  

It’s to deliver IT observability with a purpose. 

Only with ITRS.