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ITRS Gateway Hub 2.4

There are a couple of changes in the latest release of Gateway Hub, providing easier access to the underlying data, enhanced security for data and include files, and simpler installation for existing Geneos customers.

Web Console monitoring layout updates

We’ve gotten a lot of feedback that unstructured list of metrics in the Web Console monitoring screen was hard to work with, so we’ve revamped the screen reorganising metrics back into dataviews and provided a search control allowing users to quickly locate their metrics in large dataviews:

Metrics in dataviews

Deleted rows can also now be shown in this screen; this provides access metrics that were previously visible in Active Console but have been removed from the real-time dataview, such as slow running SQL queries that have since completed, or network links that are no longer active.  

History of non-numeric fields

The history of non-numeric values can now be retrieved by clicking a dataview cell, this will display the previous values in table format:

Values in table format

This data can also be retrieved using the REST API, GET /entities/{id}/metrics/data, and is available for retrieving raw metric and text history.

Role Based Access Control

Access to events, metric data and Gateway include files can now be restricted to specific LDAP roles via RBAC.  This can be used to prevent unauthorised users from updating global Gateway includes files, or ensure certain business-sensitive metrics can only be viewed by a particular team. By default, all data and includes are accessible to all logged-in users, new roles can be created for more granular access. For more information, see Roles.

Schema-less data ingestion

Gateways of version 5.7 and above no longer require a schema in order to publish to Hub.  Upon receiving data without a schema, Hub will attempt to infer one based on the data observed.  In many cases this will require no further input from the user though dataviews with variable data may still result in some ingestion errors.  Errors and incorrectly inferred schemas can be resolved by specifying the correct schema manually in the Gateway Setup Editor.

Units of Measure are not inferred in this way and should be added manually if required; this is to avoid incorrect inference between KiB, KB and similar.