Monitoring the Monitors

Monitoring Monitors
Monitoring the Monitors

The pace of change might vary, but technology is an ever-evolving field. Today, enterprise-focused, business-critical IT is going through one of its periodic episodes of accelerated change. And that requires new tools to monitor, manage and control IT estates.

One way that businesses can respond to this profound shift is to deploy flexible and highly scalable monitoring solutions. We’re launching the latest version of ITRS OP5 Monitor to help companies to do just that.

ITRS OP5 Monitor is designed for a world in which adoption of agile practice is increasing, and a move towards a hybrid IT environment is taking place. Container orchestration systems are also gaining traction. These systems have the potential to enhance flexibility for today and prepare better for an unpredictable future. But they also produce a lot of information that can make it difficult – if not impossible – to maintain a full picture and understanding of the IT estate. 

This is not just an issue for new cloud-native and disruptive start-ups. That’s why we’re seeing established businesses embrace these new forms of IT infrastructure and look for solutions to help them when they’re making changes to their underlying infrastructure and network, or provisioning new cloud-based SaaS services.

These essential tasks are vital for keeping the company’s IT as cost efficient and effective as possible. And it is equally vital to the quality of decision-making and service provision that a single, focal point where all essential data is collected can be established. Without it, the success of any long-term IT strategy will be compromised.  This is where the ITRS OP5 Monitor comes into its own.

ITRS OP5 Monitor has the scalability needed for hybrid and virtual IT estates: it keeps pace as they change shape, size and capacity. It offers endless possibilities for automation and readily allows companies to adopt and monitor container orchestration technologies including Kubernetes and Docker.

Perhaps more importantly, monitoring systems like ITRS OP5 Monitor ensures that higher quality services can be delivered to customers as well as makings life easier for administrators and users.

It is all about meeting customer’s expectations for a seamless experience and ensuring corporate IT is able to support that goal with speed and consistency. That after all is the driving force behind this period of digitalisation, cloud and hybrid IT. Because however fast technology evolves, whatever the latest trend, or new jargon to enter the lexicon, some fundamentals do remain: and serving customers is at the top of the list.