A new improved monitoring for Amazon Web Services (AWS) by Geneos

The move towards cloud-based technologies is an ever-increasing focus for many of our customers. We also continue to focus on improving our cloud monitoring capabilities to give our users the single-pane of glass view of the entire technology estate. Following on from the recent updates to Microsoft Azure monitoring, we are excited to introduce new AWS monitoring capabilities to collect metrics, logs and events to dynamically monitor an increasingly complex, hybrid, multi-cloud and distributed environments.

Why use Geneos?

Genos is the tool of choice for many financial services teams that are responsible for monitoring critical infrastructure and applications. As multi-cloud deployments become the standard, there are many reasons why teams rely on Geneos to provide that visibility.

  • Combine metrics, logs and events from AWS with on-premises, multi-cloud, and hybrid environments so you get full visibility across all your environments in once place.
  • Take advantage of Geneos command and control capabilities to build a single-pane-of-glass view of complex application workflows.
  • Close to real-time alerts using Geneos powerful rule and alert capabilities. When you are monitoring critical applications, you want to be alerted within seconds rather than minutes.
  • Minimise cost by using single enterprise tool for monitoring all your environments.

What can Geneos monitor?

  • Monitor over 20 AWS services such as EC2, ECS, EKS, RDS, EBS, EFS, Firewall, Billing, and more. We will continue to add support for more services over the next few releases.
  • Stream CloudWatch logs via EventBridge to enable log monitoring so you can be alerted on anything from specific error codes to user and system level activities and alarm notifications.
  • Easy workflow from real-time log monitoring to log investigation to help resolve issues quickly.

Deploy easily from Amazon Marketplace

You can get started easily by deploying Geneos from the Amazon Marketplace. A pre-built AMI image is available that includes a Netprobe, Collection Agent and Gateway configured to securely connect to your AWS environment and dynamically create the Entities in Geneos. All you have to do is open your Active Console and connect to the Gateway. See documentation for how to get started.