ITRS Values

Unveiling our new company values

Today we’ve launched our compelling new company values, co-created by our people. They represent who we are now and the direction of our growth as one team. 

This launch started as a simple refresh to modernise the language of our values, but it quickly became a whole lot more. We held workshops with people from teams, offices, and countries. Had in-depth discussions with our People & Culture Forum and Executive Leadership Team. Went through many, many iterations to get them right.  
It was important we took the time to truly capture our culture. ITRS has changed in shape and size due to our acquisitions. So, we needed to start with a relatively blank canvas. And a lot rests on these words. They need to connect with our whole team, underpin our behaviours, and attract the best talent to continue growing ITRS into a brilliant, thriving company. 

Fast forward six months and we have five standout values – ones we’re super excited to share. 

New Values
  • Empower people - Create a lively culture that inspires initiative and supports everyone. 

  • Product pride - Bring passion and curiosity to create compelling customer solutions. 

  • One team - Make amazing things happen together. 

  • Champion change – Be the best by always evolving. 

  • Results driven – Play to win and hit targets as one team. 

Visualising our values

Global Talent Acquisition Manager, Charlotte Walker and I led this project. We spent many hours talking to people and creating the right wording. We worked with our designers and intern to develop icons and photography – stuff that’s visually impactful and shows our company’s personality. We’re thrilled to see it all come together. And what really resonated with us was the value ‘empower people’. We certainly felt empowered to bring the idea to our Executive Leadership team – and were given the space to develop this into something special. We hope you feel the same! 

The big launch 

Our leaders unveiled the new values at our global Live Play events and gave everyone the opportunity to ask questions. We’ve added the values to our intranet Pulse, News Play email, and our digital office screens. 

Just the start

It’s been a journey, but we’re not at the end. We have lots of work to do to ensure these values aren’t simply words on a wall. We aspire to embody our values through everything we do, shaping our entire employee experience from recruitment right through to alumni.