Cloud Cost Management simplified in one platform

Don’t let spiraling cloud costs shrink ROI. Manage cloud costs & IT performance for on-premises and multi-cloud with a single intelligent monitoring platform.

Cloud Cost - Sunburst

Control your cloud spend by an average of 35%

  • Right-size cloud instances needed for each application workload.

  • Right-buy cloud instances based on usage, cost and performance for optimal savings.

  • Forecast growth and upcoming costs with predictive analytics.

  • Optimize business processes using what-if scenario modeling.

Cloud Cost - Metrics Service Costs

Overcome challenges leading to wasteful cloud spend

  • Say goodbye to tool sprawl to lower costs and makes dynamic cloud environments easier to manage.

  • Share key cost data across business and engineering teams with easy-to-use, visually rich dashboards.

  • Avoid blind spots in forecasting cloud costs based on increased demand and likely utilization.

  • Eliminate complex billing models across vendors with one platform and one pricing structure.

Accurately assess future IT infrastructure capacity with ITRS Capacity Planner

Leverage machine learning for capacity planning. Supercharge your hybrid IT estate with advanced predictive analytics and operational intelligence.

Cloud Cost - Recommendations

Boost cloud cost observability with live alerts

  • Get message alerts on Slack, email or preferred notification tool when budget utilization exceeds defined parameters.

  • Configure alerts and actions to provide the right monitoring recommendations based on customized utilization triggers.

  • Enable auto-shutdown of unused and/or idle resources that are wasting money and affecting performance and ROI.

Cloud Cost - Analyse

Easily deploy and manage cloud cost management

  • React instantly to data changes, alerts and recommendations in real-time.

  • Build and simplify your own customizable view of complex business processes for technical and business users.

  • Track thousands of infrastructure metrics out of the box.

  • Lead adoption across your business with an intuitive interface without the need for extensive training.

Start optimizing your cloud cost today

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