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ITRS Capacity Planner

Capacity planning powered by machine learning

Advanced predictive analytics and operational intelligence for your hybrid estate. ITRS Capacity Planner helps you accurately assess your future IT infrastructure capacity and options.

Capacity planning as a service

Operating as a SaaS platform, which helps plan and manage your capacity quickly and easily.

Cut costs with big data analytics

Assess current resource utilisation and infrastructure, and recommend optimisations with analytics extracted from your existing tools.

Avoid outages

Provide warnings of future problems and mitigate business risks by avoiding potential outages caused by insufficient resources.


Full visibility into your IT infrastructure capability

Show all available infrastructure resources, regardless of physical servers, virtual and cloud workloads. Learn which tiers of your applications are capacity-constrained.

Plan with confidence with advanced 'what if', forward thinking scenario modelling

ITRS Capacity Planner complements your APM investment by providing predictive and prescriptive analytics to quantify the impact of business or infrastructure change on your application performance. Application demand modelling allows you to model the impact of planned changes and determine capacity requirements to support business growth ahead of time.


Regain control by reporting on application resource allocation, usage and cost on a per line of business, business service, application.


Improve service, manage costs and reduce waste by identifying areas where resource allocation and usage are imbalanced.


Become more proactive in your management, avoiding potential problems before they become business affecting.


Create predictive models of future headroom and future performance based on the evidence of previous transactions.

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partners who are leading financial institutions

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Cloud Cost Optimisation

We have built a set of cloud cost optimisation features on top of ITRS Capacity Planner to provide insight into cloud use and cloud costs, and recommend where savings can be made. It is multi-cloud aware, providing options for users to compare clouds regardless of Azure or AWS, and manage a multi-cloud environment.








Secure with ISO 27001 Certified

Securely transfer monitoring data from numerous tools, including ITRS Geneos, to our ISO 27001 Certified ITRS Capacity Planner data modelling environment.

Data integration


Multiple data sources

ITRS Capacity Planner collects, integrates and normalises data from multiple tools and technologies.

With a single pane of glass view, data is analysed and then builds up an accurate understanding of application behaviour and metric patterns, helping you mine data relationship and report capacity in business terms.

It also leverages existing ITRS Geneos attributes to enable configurable hierarchy and groupings of hosts and virtual machines.

Other data soureces eg. hypervisors and other monitoring toolsData is modelled, baselined and stored in secure cloud environmentCapacity Planner Data Collector ingests data