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Azure support for Capacity Planner Cloud Cost Optimisation

Providing unprecedented visibility into virtual machine activity and costs in the cloud, ITRS are releasing their Azure support for Capacity Planner Cloud Cost Optimisation. 

Using statistical analysis of fine-grained data from monitoring tools, Capacity Planner determines the compute demand profile of every workload and recommends the most cost-effective machine configuration for each, determining the costs of doing so.  All the while, providing clear evidence to support each decision and options to configure and refine any recommendations.  Capacity Planner reference data on product offerings is always up to date so you can be sure of the best recommendation.  Once you move to the cloud, Capacity Planner continues to provide insight into your Azure estate; when machines are running, when they are stopped or terminated, how active they were during run times and how much each cost to run.

A unique visualisation, the Timeburst, provides a time-based view of activity over a 3-month period across all your subscriptions and resource groups, scaling to thousands of virtual machines.  It demonstrates times of low activity where machines could be switched off to avoid costs and which machines are not using their allocated resources effectively.  Use it to identify reasons for changes in running costs and those applications which contribute most then evaluate alternative cheaper options. 

Furthermore, generate detailed reports that can be scheduled and shared with stakeholders to view long term cost trends and alternative configurations.

As a true SaaS tool, Capacity Planner Cloud Cost Optimisation provides extremely rapid time to value, is continually updating and provides the flexibility to deliver customised reporting and insight direct from our data scientists to your interface.