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Gain competitive advantage through better IT performance

Digital transformation has changed the way organizations function. It drives improved efficiency, faster innovation, growth for your business and better outcomes for customers - for you and for your competitors.

But along with this opportunity comes complexity, making IT management more difficult. Your on-premises IT environment is a sprawl of tools, apps, and legacy technology. In the cloud you have dynamic environments like containers and microservices.

To manage these complex IT environments - and stay head of your competition - you need a comprehensive view of performance across the entire estate. You need to know what systems relate to one another and how. For example, can you track all the systems a transaction passes through from beginning to completion? Without that comprehensive view you run the risk of performance issues.

For this comprehensive view, you need an observability platform - the ITRS Observability & Monitoring Platform.

We provide the true observability that happens when data is analyzed in context, so you can understand the relationships between your data, processes, transactions, and business performance. It is the only way your business can act immediately to resolve issues, predict those that may occur in the future - and take steps to ensure they don’t happen again.

Intelligent, proactive, responsive views

Only with this understanding can you create competitive advantage from your IT performance that drives better business performance. With the ITRS Observability & Monitoring Platform you can do just that. Here is a visual representation of the platform:


It includes:

Application monitoring

Monitor transactions, processes, applications, end-to-end business services and activity for hybrid IT in real time. It is designed with low latency in mind for the demanding financial services transaction IT environment.

Infrastructure monitoring

Easy to set up, full-featured IT infrastructure monitoring for on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid mix. With built-in operational intelligence, users can determine what’s relevant for alerting and what’s not. Avoid “tool sprawl;” reduce costs, downtime and MTTR; and scale to many hosts in multiple locations.

Digital experience monitoring

Intelligent observability into servers and websites at companies of all sizes helps you stay on top of your entire online presence. Monitor APIs from top to bottom. With real user monitoring, get insights into the problems that users experience with mobile apps, software, or websites.

Third-party tools monitoring

As no one vendor offers a complete set of monitoring tools for 360-degree full-stack monitoring, you will always need some tools from other vendors. The ITRS observability platform is source-agnostic with the ability to collect data from other monitoring tools including third-party. It is the only way to get a complete view of your IT estate.

Capacity and cloud cost management

Gives you a complete and unified view of what is happening across your physical and cloud infrastructure. A powerful predictive analytics engine identifies risks and enables timely actions to prevent them from becoming incidents. It highlights capacity risks and shows opportunities to improve – whether it is through better performance or lower costs.

Data analytics engine

With intelligent and highly efficient storage, the ITRS platform aggregates data from IT and other sources, so you can add context to understand the relationships between your data, processes, transactions, and business performance. It provides the observability that activates understanding, where you can derive new or additional benefits:

• Prioritize alerts based on business impact, so IT teams can identify and respond to critical issues more quickly.

• Find opportunities to prevent problems, reduce costs and improve performance, by aggregating and analyzing data over time.

Observability beats the competition

Our observability platform enables your organization to stay one step ahead of competitors by getting more out of your IT environment. We deliver IT performance that provides you with business performance excellence, including specialized capabilities for financial services.

This means resilience, efficiency, faster growth, higher profitability - and the ability to knock the spots off your competition.

What more could you ask for?

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