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Why open source monitoring tools have had their day

In today’s complex IT environments, open source monitoring is no longer sufficient to ensure quality of service for demanding customers.

For the past couple of decades, many firms have turned to open source tools to monitor their IT; it offered a lower starting costs and a quicker way to get projects going, as well as community-led support.

While still widely in use, open source tools can be complex to learn and use, they may not offer SaaS, or have good enough support. Hidden costs for extra support or consulting add to the total cost of ownership (TCO). And – perhaps most importantly - open source tools rarely enable a deep understanding of IT’s business impact should there be an issue causing downtime.

Downtime is the enemy

Business leaders and IT managers all want to see quick discovery of, and resolution to, the issues that cause downtime – which can cost anywhere from $300,000 to $1.0 million per hour for many firms.

This is why every organization must deliver a certain quality of service for its customers, and for itself. Keeping this promise of quality requires diligence and a powerful tool for monitoring and managing IT infrastructure. It is the only way organizations can detect and fix IT issues before they impact their business.

There are many issues that business and IT can have with open source monitoring solutions:

• Little visibility and understanding of the business impact when IT issues occur

• Can be complex to use with a steep learning curve as firms scale

• Inadequate support and maintenance without paying partners to manage, increasing TCO

• Cannot track performance against SLAs

• No SaaS alternative

• Do not use verified tests against security penetration

• Insufficient compliancy to ISO27001 Some or all of these make it difficult for an organization to monitor for, and understand the business impact of, an IT event.

What’s the solution?

You need real-time monitoring for hybrid IT environments from on-premises to cloud that can offer an intelligent, aggregated, and unified single-pane-of glass view for disparate monitoring tools throughout an entire IT estate.

You need ITRS Opsview for business service monitoring: With ITRS Opsview Business Service Monitoring solution, you can see your entire IT estate and all your critical business services in one place.

You can easily detect IT issues and drill down to find the root cause and business impact of the issue, then determine the best course of action.


• Available on-premises and SaaS with seamless infrastructure & cloud monitoring

• Provides insights via dashboards and mobile

• Mitigates alert storms via noise reduction with hierarchy-based alert suppression

• Reduces silos for root cause analysis investigations with integrated network monitoring capabilities

• Enables thousands of integrations

• Highly secure; trusted by governments worldwide

• Offers sophisticated business service monitoring tools

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