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ITRS lights up London and Paris

Following the spirited discussion and dinner in Dallas last month, ITRS lit up London then Paris with a continuation of our thought leadership events, organized by The Ortus Club.


In London, participants were welcomed to the unique and stylish London Edition, located in Soho, one of London's most dynamic neighborhoods. They hailed from systems integrator firms, managed service providers and other technology companies including telcos, healthcare, energy, retail and manufacturing.

Participants had the chance to share their views on the evolving responsibilities of modern IT leaders, and the pivotal role they play in driving organizational growth with our CEO, Guy Warren, and other ITRS leaders.

We covered topics from AI, and how it will influence the future of decision-making, to the metaverse and how monitoring will work with the evolving new stream of data. Another important topic was service level agreements (SLAs) and their impact on a business if they fail.

ortus club london


The event was held at restaurant Alcazar in Saint Germain des Près, the 6th arrondissement of Paris, with a friendly atmosphere and garden-like interior. It attracted senior IT leaders from energy companies, consultancies, cybersecurity, software and courier firms.

Moderated by Wajdi Ben Rabah, Head of Software development at Mozark, we discussed the key strategies and tools that IT leaders can use to optimize their IT infrastructure. For example, what are the most important performance metrics that IT leaders should observe? How can they use these metrics to improve IT operations and organizational success?

We also talked about emerging technologies and trends IT leaders should be aware of, and how they proactively evolve their IT strategies to stay ahead of the competition? For example, how can AI help retailers assist customers and sell more goods?

ortus club paris

Both events were extremely successful, and it was a pleasure to welcome and speak in depth to some of our customers and prospects.

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