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Monitoring solutions designed for your always-on business

Get complete visibility, manage operational risk and boost operational resilience as you navigate digital complexity

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Our technology provides real-time resilience for your IT estate

DevOps + SRE

Tools that fit seamlessly within the DevOps lifecycle, featuring APIs to integrate with the automated processes for software development and deployment, and enabling IT Operations teams responsible for Site Reliability Engineering.


Better monitoring through the power of data and machine learning, using advanced correlation and anomaly detection techniques.

Microservices & Containers

Microservices architectures drives the way the developers instrument and build software. Our answer is a highly flexible easy to configure monitoring solution for dynamic environments.

Hybrid IT

A single pane of glass across multi-technology estates, from private to public cloud, from physical servers to virtual machines, containers and Microservices.

Cost Optimisation

Drive down IT spend and manage capacity by consolidating, re-configuring and right-sizing across your DevOps SRE estate.

Digital Experience

Data mining relationships across your application estate to identify and address user response time performance bottlenecks.

Real-time Observability

Real-time operational visibility of increasingly complex technology driving your business.

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Full visibility for financial services and beyond
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Top global investment banks choose ITRS Group

We have been supporting the world's leading financial institutions since 1997, by giving them transparency and visibility into their systems. Our solutions allow IT teams to monitor and analyse huge volumes of data across physical, virtual and cloud IT estates.