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Real-time application monitoring for hybrid IT

ITRS Geneos provides a single pane of glass view of applications, on-premises, in the cloud and in highly dynamic containerized environments.

Geneos Banking Overview

Get end-to-end visibility across your application stack

Monitor and contextualize everything in one single tool, from legacy systems to cutting-edge new technology: applications, servers, VMs, databases, middleware, cloud services, and containers.

  • Ditch the siloed view on your IT estate: No more blind spots and confusion when incidents occur.

  • Unique low-latency monitoring: Near-zero impact agents ensure your critical business processes keep running smoothly all the time.

  • True real-time monitoring and alerting: Reduce risk of prolonged downtime.

  • Scalable and performant: 100, 10k, or 100k servers, our horizontally scalable solutions enable deployment across the largest institutions in the market.

On-premises and cloud

Get out-of-the-box plugins for all common technologies. Follow end-to-end processes across both on-premises and cloud environments, visualized in one integrated view.

Custom applications

Monitor in-house custom applications using a suite of Development Toolkits, and achieve a complete view across all front-office applications.

Legacy environments

Integrate with a wide range of technologies, protocols, and interfaces and get deep visibility into mainframe systems, legacy applications, and other traditional IT infrastructure.

Modern infrastructure

Collect performance and health metrics from various sources, such as Docker containers, Kubernetes clusters, cloud platforms, and virtualized environments.

FIX monitoring

Built for trading rooms, our link into client’s FIX engines means that trading activity can be overlayed with application and infrastructure metrics.

Market Data Monitoring

Analyze the performance and integrity of systems distributing market data. Gain greater control of data systems while supporting regulatory requirements.

Event monitoring

Get a complete picture of any bottlenecks that increase latency through an end-to-end telemetry-based view across all your applications and events workflows.


Leverage the OpenTelemetry plugin to collect metrics, logs and data to better monitor and understand what is happening to critical financial systems.

Geneos - Impact Performance

Near-zero impact on application performance

  • No performance impact: Our agents are specifically designed for performance-sensitive environments. They have been built to have almost no impact on the servers they run on, and consume minimal system resources.

  • One agent across everything: Automatically collect data on all application levels. From legacy systems to modern environments, only ITRS Geneos can collect metrics throughout every tier of your application stack.

  • Quick and easy deployment: Deploy in minutes. Our agent sits dormant unless you activate it. Deploy across 1k or 100k servers and only activate when you need it.

ITRS Geneos is used by 180+ leading
financial institutions around the world.

Monitor everything in your stack

With more than 100 preconfigured plugins and integrations,
ITRS Geneos seamlessly integrates across different technologies.

Geneos integration - AWS
Geneos integration - Azure
Geneos integration - Kubernetes
Geneos integration - OpenTelemetry
Geneos integration - Kafka
Geneos integration - Bloomberg
Geneos integration - FIX
Geneos integration Refinitiv
Geneos Warning Issues

Get notified in <1 second, resolve right away

  • When things break, you can’t afford alerts happening too late. Unlike all other products in the market, ITRS Geneos alerts in less than a second, allowing you to minimize MTTD and MTTR for your business-critical applications.

  • Mitigate alert storms via noise reduction, due to hierarchy-based alert suppression and powerful alerting.

  • Take direct action through the Active Console: control everything from alerts, commands, to rules.

Real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring is crucial for front-office IT estates. Monitor at near real-time intervals, resulting in accurate reporting and precise data collection.

Real-time alerts

Enable proactive detection and resolution of issues before they become critical, ensuring uninterrupted service delivery and optimal performance.


Data-centric views

Get instant visibility into the entire environment for front-office IT, market data management and business owners, with customizable, data-centric views.

Auto or manual action

Take preventive action on your monitored systems, both automated and user driven.
Go to the alert and solve it directly, or set up automated actions to restore services when they exceed thresholds.

“Alerts come in on the GUI itself, which has resulted in
faster action when alerts happen. Events are immediately captured
in the ITRS Geneos dashboard.”

Geneos - Custom Dashboards

Fully configurable, highly customizable dashboards

  • Easily respond to changes in data with our fully customizable active dashboards.

  • Tailored to suit the needs of technical and business users alike.

  • Create a personalized view of your complex business processes, with no limitations in dashboard design.

See ITRS Geneos in action

Experience the power of ITRS Geneos during a customized demo with one of our monitoring experts. Move away from the ineffective, siloed view on your IT estate and see how true real-time application monitoring ensures your business processes keep running smoothly.