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Adapting your IT infrastructure for T+1

The US, Canada and Mexico have made the much-anticipated shift to T+1, settling securities one-day post-trade instead of two. In this Q&A, Guy Warren, CEO at ITRS, discusses everything you need to know about the transition to T+1, including how the industry has fared post-implementation and the steps financial institutions can take to adapt.

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ITRS Vision

IT observability with a purpose: translate data into success

Our vision at ITRS is to deliver IT observability with a purpose. Our intelligent observability solutions are optimized for specific business outcomes, so that organizations can run resilient, real-time operations while driving transformation wherever they are in their business journey. If these sound like your ambitions, read on.

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Why Market Data Monitoring is the cornerstone of data quality

Key takeaways  Data underpins the financial markets and monitoring data quality is vital for businesses to conduct trading and stay competitive.  Market takers, data providers, an

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FIX Banner

How FIX monitoring protects capital markets’ critical trade functions

If you only have 30,000ms to read:   FIX is a fundamental, business-critical part of capital markets trading.  Financial firms need to minimize FIX connectivity i

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ITRS Values

Unveiling our new company values

ITRS unveils new company values co-created by employees, reflecting its identity and growth direction. Emphasizing empowerment, product pride, teamwork, change, and results, the values aim to shape the company's culture and attract talent.

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Effective monitoring

10 visual signs your monitoring may not be effective

Chris Banat, Global Head of Solution Innovation at ITRS, delves into 10 visual checks to determine the effectiveness of IT monitoring. Learn how quick, actionable insights can help you reduce performance issues, enhance availability, and manage operational costs effectively.

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Three ways to meet always-on consumer demands

Discover the significance of Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) for maintaining website reachability, reliability, and performance. Explore proactive monitoring strategies, user experience insights, and API testing to deliver exceptional digital experiences. Learn how ITRS Uptrends DEM ensures optimal performance, 24/7 accessibility, and customer satisfaction across global landscapes.

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ITRS appoints James Colquhoun as Chief Financial Officer

ITRS, the leading provider of real-time estate monitoring and analytics software to global financial institutions, today announced that it has appointed James Colquhoun as Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

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