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legacy monitoring

Understanding the risks of legacy monitoring solutions

Legacy monitoring solutions often come with significant risks and limitations that can affect performance, reliability and security of your technology due to their age.

Many organizations rely on legacy monitoring solutions, often more than ten years old, to keep track of their IT infrastructure and applications.

Some of the common risks of legacy monitoring solutions are that they cannot support next-gen architectures, such as container-based microservices or hybrid IT quickly enough to keep pace with dynamic IT environments. It’s also a good reason why you should consider upgrading to a modern, cloud-based monitoring solution.

Despite the inherent risks associated with monitoring legacy tech, about 86% of enterprises still use at least one legacy monitoring tool and about 37% are solely using legacy tools.

The risks of sticking with legacy tools

If you are an agile IT enterprise that wants to drive more revenue for your business, the consequences of sticking with legacy monitoring tools can come with unwanted baggage, such as high operation costs, unexpected service degradations and outages, and preventable exposure to security risks.

There are good reasons to switch from legacy to newer tools:

Limited support and updates

As IT vendors pivot to newer products, your legacy tools might receive less frequent updates from their vendors, limiting the support options available to you.

Complex and non-intuitive legacy user interfaces

These lead to wasted time and poor UX. Switching to modern monitoring tools that emphasize UX intuitive design is cost-effective and less cumbersome.

Outages and infrastructure downtime

Constant barrages of alerts, without an intelligent alerting system backing them, can lead to alert fatigue and desensitization to alerts, reduced responsiveness, missed critical alerts and a frustrated IT team.

Inconsistent monitoring across hybrid cloud environments

Because legacy monitoring systems were often designed before the widespread adoption of cloud infrastructures, they might struggle to monitor both on-premises and cloud resources consistently.

Security gaps

Because legacy systems might not be updated regularly, or updates may cease altogether, they can be more susceptible to costly security breaches and outages - affecting your brand reputation.


Legacy monitoring solutions are costly to operate and maintain. They can expose businesses to data breaches and other costly cyberattacks. On top of that, legacy monitoring solutions may require IT professionals with specialized skills to operate and configure. To avoid these risks, you must switch to a modern, cloud-based monitoring solution that is cost-effective and scalable (up or down) as your needs change.

Make the switch to ITRS Opsview

ITRS Opsview Infrastructure Monitoring can help your business build a full picture of your infrastructure with a scalable, fully integrated solution that can be deployed on-premises or as SaaS to monitor operating systems, networks, cloud, VMs, containers, databases, applications, and more.

There are lots of benefits that can pay off on both the front end and the back end when switching to a modern infrastructure monitoring system. Here is what you should look for:

  • BSM offering: Business Service Monitoring is necessary to understand the impact of your infrastructure issues on your business.
  • Root cause issue detection and resolution: Detect and rectify issues in real-time before they result in outages can help with customer retention and loyalty.
  • Scalability: Accommodate growing IT environments and scale up or down as needed while maintaining the same quality of monitoring.
  • SaaS delivery: Having SaaS experts set up, scale and monitor your IT estate, including cloud environments, allows you to focus on business growth and innovation.
  • Out-of-the-box integrations: 110+ out-of-the-box integrations and plug-ins, plus the ability to support an additional 4500+ plug-ins from the Nagios marketplace, allow for simplified setup and configuration processes without extensive development or coding

Learn more about how modern cloud-based monitoring can help you achieve your IT goals, contact us today for a free ITRS Opsview consultation.

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