Creating operational resilience for the always-on enterprise

The complete solution set to give you full control over your applications, servers, network and logs

The regulators are raising the stakes for operational resilience


Understand your business in real-time

Real-time application performance monitoring tool for managing the increasingly complex interdependencies between your infrastructure, applications and business services.

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Out of the box plug-ins to major financial services applications

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An app-centric capacity planning approach

Predictive and prescriptive analytics to quantify the effect of business or infrastructure changes on your application performance

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Reduction in annual operational costs

Many clients have realised immediate ROI and recovered annual costs in the first few months. Savings on infrastructure multiply every year after implementation.

Service outages avoided per year

Mitigate any risk of capacity-related outages with forward thinking scenario modelling. Play out hypothetical situations and know exactly how your infrastructure will react to changes in service demand.

"ITRS Capacity Planner solution has been instrumental in avoiding severe outages that we used to experience on regular basis"

CIO, Global Financial Services company

OP5 monitor

Monitor Availability and SLA’s through one integrated dashboard 

ITRS OP5 Monitor gives you a unified view into the performance of thousands of devices and interfaces in your network. From a single user interface, you can drill down into any element on your network to see exactly what’s happening.


Over 200,000 IT professionals from Telecommunications, Gaming, Entertainment and Media organizations worldwide are currently using ITRS OP5 Monitor as their preferred network monitoring solution.

Synthetic Monitoring

Ensure scalability on websites, apps and APIs

ITRS Synthetic Monitoring - powered by Apica. Global, open, instant. 


$100K+ of cost is incurred per hour of infrastructure downtime

Load Testing

Global, open, insightful

Out of the box integrations, real-time reporting on end-user insights. All simulated from 180+ locations worldwide.


66% of consumers reported they will leave websites 25% of the time due to slow performance*

Log Analytics

The Ultimate AI-Based Log Management Solution for IT Operations and DevOps Teams

 Unlock the hidden power of your data and shift to proactive monitoring of your systems.

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Are you ready for the next generation of IT analytics and monitoring?

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