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Your real-time monitoring platform

See relationships between data, processes, transactions and business performance. Immediately resolve issues, predict those that could impact your customers, and ensure they don't happen again.


All-in-one platform for full control over your IT environment

The observability and monitoring platform for integrated workflows, offering full end-to-end control over applications, servers, websites, APIs, networks and logs. Obtain the true observability that happens when data is analyzed in context, so you can stay one step ahead of your competitors. 

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Reduction in annual operational costs

Many of our clients have realised immediate ROI and recovered annual costs in the first few months. Savings on infrastructure multiply every year after implementation.

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Service outages avoided per year

We help mitigate any risk of capacity-related outages with forward thinking scenario modelling. Play out hypothetical situations and know exactly how your infrastructure will react to changes in service demand.

See ITRS in action

We understand that navigating IT environments can be complex, and every organization faces unique challenges. That's why we offer customized demos tailored to your specific needs. Book your demo today to experience the power of intelligent, hybrid IT monitoring.