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Real time monitoring and investigation

Born in the most demanding environments on the planet, Geneos has unparalleled real time alerting & monitoring.

Resilience and Efficiency

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Resilience & Efficiency

Technology failure means business failure. ITRS Geneos provides peace of mind by monitoring your processes, applications, and infrastructure in real-time, and alerting or taking action when a problem is detected. Geneos was born in investment banking and capital markets, some of the most demanding environments on the planet. Today most companies face the same challenges and Geneos is here to ensure the lights are kept on. Smarter, better monitoring.

Technology to predict and prevent failure

Technology to predict & prevent Failure

Geneos provides smarter monitoring for your infrastructure and applications across cloud, containerised and orchestrated environments. By utilising the hundreds of plugins, Geneos provides highly customisable Enterprise grade solutions designed for low latency, time critical, secure environments. We deliver operational resilience across your complex technology stack in order to keep the lights on.

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Prevent incidents before they happen

Noise Reduction

More data makes it harder to find the signal amongst the noise. Modern monitoring requires advanced analytics and ML techniques to spot issues, anomalies and correlations.

APIs First

Developed with APIs in mind first. Geneos can operate using any data and can integrate seamlessly with other market leading tools.

Automated actions

Take automated actions using Geneos. Eyes on glass give opportunity for human error. For the always-on enterprise, that will no longer cut it.

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Gateway Hub

The Gateway Hub enhancement to Geneos provides Geneos with a new Web UI & accelerates an organisation's shift to noise reduction. 

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Why choose Geneos?

  • Real-time alerting

    Unlike some tools which suffer a 1-15minutes delay before triggering and alert, Geneos is can alert and take action in real time. This is critical when the cost of an outage is measured in minutes or seconds.

  • Open APIs

    Geneos is designed for interoperability through its Gateway Hub component. It provides a fully-featured REST-based API, open publishing to Kafka and web hook integrations.

  • Anomaly Detection

    Our technology creates operational resilience for enterprises in demanding environments.

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Key Features within Geneos

  • Monitor infrastructure and application in cloud and highly dynamic environments
  • Built to run in time critical, secure, regulated environments
  • Seamless pre-built integrations with hundreds of applications
  • Highly customisable enterprise scale solution
  • Single pane of glass visibility with user level customisable views
  • Drill down from business impact to detailed view
  • Powerful and flexible rule and alert engine
  • Interactive commands and automated actions to remedy issues
  • Complete observability combining metrics, events, logs and traces

Plugins & integrations

With more than 100 preconfigured plugins (and counting), Geneos seamlessly integrates across different technologies. 

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Market Data Monitoring

Effective, flexible and open

Analyse in real-time the health and integrity of market data sources

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