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ITRS Geneos

Real-time monitoring for all your environments in one platform

We give you peace of mind by monitoring your processes, applications, and IT infrastructure, on-prem, in the cloud and in your highly dynamic containerised environments.

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Real-time visibility for infrastructure and trading

Prevents outages, helps identify, diagnose, and resolve issues before they impact the business by collecting real-time infrastructure, application, and trading data to build an end-to-end view.

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Aggregate and consolidate your toolset

ITRS Geneos as a central aggregation layer which brings all information together under a single pane of glass view, allowing streamlined processes and enabling automation.

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Plugins and Integrations

Search for plugins and integrations for all of our products.

With more than 100 preconfigured plugins (and counting), ITRS Products seamlessly integrates across different technologies.


On-prem and cloud monitoring, all in one single platform

See your entire estate in one platform with monitoring that scales with you. Monitor servers, VMs, containers, on-prem or in the cloud, along with your cloud services and containerised infrastructures.

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years of expertise in the financial services industry

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partners who are leading financial institutions

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top investment banks rely on us

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of DevOps teams and engineers trust us

Fully configurable, highly customisable active dashboards

Our fully configurable active dashboards react instantly to data changes and are highly customisable to build your own view of complex business processes for different audiences, including technical and business users.

trade volume dashboard


Plugins & integrations

With more than 100 preconfigured plugins (and counting), ITRS Geneos seamlessly integrates across different technologies.

Plugin geneos apache kafkaApache Kafka
Plugin geneos apache cassandraApache Cassandra
Plugin geneos elasticsearch 1Elasticsearch
Plugin geneos hadoopGroup 8Hadoop (HDFS and YARN)
Plugin geneos refinitiv 1Thomson Reuters Refinitiv
Plugin geneos solace systems 1Solace Systems
Plugin geneos tibco 1TIBCO EMS