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ITRS Group to save firms 35% on cloud spend with new solution

While Covid-19 is forcing many firms to make massive cutbacks to staff and resources, the majority are unknowingly wasting approximately 35% of cloud spend at any one time thanks to a lack of oversight over their increasingly complex cloud estates. This equates to $80 billion of total global cloud spend down the drain every year.

ITRS Group (“ITRS”) identified this as a key area in which they could be helping clients across all industries to make savings through their unique data analytics capabilities. The software company today launched its new Cloud Cost Optimisation (“CCO”) solution, giving firms the ability to derive significant savings from unused or underused areas of their cloud estates.

Housed onITRS’ Capacity Planner platform, the solution undertakes a thorough analysis of cloud usage to identify the size of the instance that should be running (right-sizing) and the best way to buy it or run it, including where it can be shut down altogether (right-buying). This process can be implemented at the point of migration as well as on an ongoing basis throughout the lifespan of a firm’s cloud estate.

CCO’s predictive analytics capabilities also allow firms to model future scenarios on the cloud estate in order to anticipate and plan for potential capacity bottlenecks or resource constraints. 

Peter Duffy, Head of Product Management at ITRS Group: “The Cloud represents enormous potential for businesses to reduce IT spend and improve scalability and flexibility – but it has to be used correctly. Too many businesses are continuing to treat it as they would their on-premise IT. Our CCO solution enables businesses to understand their entire cloud estate on a granular level, helping them to identify key areas for improved efficiency and reduced spend. The transparent, data-backed way we present our recommendations for optimisation means businesses don’t have to take our word for it – they can see the calculations right there on the page.”

Duffy adds: “We are proud to be bringing our 20+ years of experience in enterprise technology to better serve the increasingly expansive cloud market. By optimising their cloud environments for the right workload configuration, business leaders will be able to return that crucial 35% of wasted cloud spend to the wider business to make vital improvements and deliver better returns.”



Cloud estate pre-optimisation

Figure 1: Cloud estate pre-optimisation



Cloud estate post-optimisation

Figure 2: Cloud estate post-optimisation




ITRS Group: Trusted partner for the always-on enterprise

ITRS Group’s software establishes and maintains operational resilience for businesses operating in demanding environments where technology failure means business failure. By transforming the mass of raw data into meaningful information, ITRS helps enterprises run their IT estates intelligently, prevent outages and maximise efficiency. With over 20 years’ experience serving enterprise clients across industry markets, 800 clients worldwide rely on ITRS for their estate monitoring, capacity planning, IT analytics and load testing.