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Cloud Cost Optimisation

Do you know you can reduce your cloud spend by an average of 35% by optimising your cloud resources?

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Optimise your cloud spend in 3 steps


Identify the sizes of instances needed for each application workload. This requires highly granular data capture of the resources used (CPU, memory, disk I/O & network I/O), because using averages won’t cater for peak demand. If the workload is being moved from on-premise to the cloud, use recommendations on the optimal instances to buy during migration. Understand the capacity of the on-premise estate. Bring work back from the cloud if on-premise capacity allows it​. 


Identify where the instance needs to run (location)​. Identify the best way to buy the instance, which depends on how long it is going to run for. Identify how long an instance should run for, and if it is idle, how long before it should be shut down​. Continually analyse the cloud provider billing engines and optimise for cost efficiency.


Improve business processes and manage your cost and performance across hybrid IT, on-prem and multi-cloud, all with consistent reporting. By using right-size at an application level to correlate your business demand with your cloud service, you can plan for growth, predict upcoming costs and find saving opportunities. 

Download our Cloud Cost Optimisation whitepaper

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Read our whitepaper to learn more about why cloud cost optimisation is important and how you can cut costs and improve the efficiency of your IT estate by right-sizing, right-buying and optimising.