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Effortless monitoring of your dynamic environments

Why are savvy techs steering towards dynamic environments?

Dynamic environments are becoming the choice for most enterprises because they allow operating at scale without sacrificing application uptime.

There are many options out there to run your applications dynamically, from on-demand and elastic server availability in cloud environments, to containers, microservices and orchestrators like Kubernetes and OpenShift. These orchestrated environments can be set up on-prem, hybrid cloud or multi-cloud environments using Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform or Pivotal Cloud Foundry.


Orchestrated Environments

orchestrated environments diagram



Make ITRS Geneos a part of your microservices strategy

Built for the most demanding and highly complex environments, our latest version of ITRS Geneos provides the tools you need to monitor containers, microservices, serverless applications and other virtual environments. 

MonPod: ITRS Group's Regular Podcast

Interested in what the ITRS Group Professional Services team have learnt about monitoring dynamic environments during their time working with teams from the most demanding environments? Try our Podcast below.

In highly dynamic environments you need a monitoring product that will scale with your applications. 

Full stack monitoring for orchestrated platforms

ITRS Geneos collection agents run natively within orchestrated environments and scale up and down along with your application. Here is how:

Icon Monitoring Data Collection

Using StatsD as one of the industry standard services to collect application metrics

Icon Monitoring Monitoring

Monitoring the hosting environment of the orchestrator 

Icon Alert Detect alert

No logs left behind – scan application and platform logs for alerts

Icon Monitoring Autodiscovery

Auto discover all Pods in your environment

Integrated with today’s platforms

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