Listening to, and learning from your feedback

Customer Survey
Listening to, and learning from your feedback

Customer Survey results October 2017

At ITRS, we try and listen to what our customers say, both to, and about us (and believe me, those are different things!). We survey our customers twice a year, and collate the feedback to inform our product engineering efforts and other services. We also ask the ‘Ultimate Question’ – how likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague. This is the customer advocacy question, and from it we can calculate our Net Promoter Score (NPS).

I am pleased to say that our NPS has improved steadily over the last few years, and now stands at a healthy +41%. Look here for more about how the NPS is calculated. However, interesting as the NPS score is, you can’t do anything with just that number – you need the “why”. So, we’ve spent time asking you more questions, and thankfully many of you took the time to answer.

Consistently, for the last couple of years, the main things that our customers wanted us to improve is our documentation and on-line help (we call this our Resources), and to do more bug fixes and minor enhancements to the Geneos product, and not just to focus on new products we want to bring to market. We call this Balance Execution internally.

And we’ve listened.

So over the last 18 months, we have grown our knowledge team, adding 3 more full-time staff, and have worked hard to put together a plan that improves our resources for you. We’re pleased to say this section has been improving steadily with each upgrade to the site and will continue to do so. Not only that, but we’ve also combined the self-help articles from within our Support section to display within Resources, via the search. In doing so we’ve opened more than 500 resolutions written to speed up Geneos usage.

Additionally, we have increased our capacity for bug fixes and have delivered 40 or so fixes in each of the last 3 releases. We have also prioritised our backlog of minor enhancements and brought through more than 45 enhancements to Geneos. Moving forwards, we will start to publish a metric which shows how much of our development effort is going to improve things clients have asked us to do, compared to new products we would like to build.

As we close our most recent feedback survey, and look at our best score yet it seems that now is the time to thank you. So, to our customers, thank you for doing the survey and giving your feedback. It is listened to and it forms the basis for much of our work here at ITRS.

Guy Warren
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