Monitoring Cassandra

Monitoring Cassandra

Cassandra monitoring with ITRS Geneos

Geneos monitors Cassandra performance to identify database slowdowns, interruptions, or resource limitations so that you can take quick and appropriate actions to correct them.


Geneos integrates with Cassandra via Java Management Extensions (JMX). Java Management Extensions (JMX) is a Java technology which offers tools for monitoring and managing Java applications and services.

Geneos' Cassandra monitoring integration give you real-time insight into the performance of your Cassandra cluster and allows you to quickly diagnose issues, remedy them and plan capacity.

Key features and benefits

Key metrics include:

  • Latency (read and write)
  • Throughput (read and write)
  • Disk usage
  • Garbage collection frequency and duration
  • Errors and overruns

Key benefits of Cassandra in Geneos include:

  • Visibility into database exceptions, failed requests and performance
  • Compare Cassandra metrics with business transaction data to identify bottlenecks.

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