Monitoring Elasticsearch

Monitoring Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch monitoring with ITRS Geneos

Ensure maximum availability and performance of your Elasticsearch environment.



Geneos allows Elasticsearch monitoroing through the Toolkit plug-in. The integration allows you to track the health of an Elasticsearch environment in real-time. See the key Elasticsearch performance KPIs at a glance on a dashboard or drill down to the individual metrics of specific nodes to troubleshoot and remedy bottlenecks.

Key features and benefits

Geneos can monitor Elasticsearch metrics in several key areas:

  • Cluster health
  • Indexing performance
  • Search performance
  • Node and resource information
  • Thread pool

The key use cases of Elasticsearch monitoring in Geneos are to:

  • Monitor search performance over time and diagnose inefficient load times
  • Ensure data is indexed efficiently
  • Ensure the cluster is healthy and nodes are available
  • Correlate Elasticsearch performance with system and network metrics

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