Monitoring Vela

Monitoring Vela

Vela monitoring with ITRS Geneos

Vela is a global leader in enterprise-grade market data and trading technology

Monitor key parameters from Vela's (formerly SR Labs) Market Data Platform servers e.g. feed handler mode, feed status, feed fault tolerance mode. An MDM feed adapter is available for this application.

Example uses

  • Ensure that the latency of the system is within user-specified tolerances 

  • Ensure that CPU, memory, network and message load are all within operational limits 

  • Detect crossed books, gaps and stale instrumentation 

The interface

  • Monitor a wide range of statistics from each feed handler, including: CPU usage, data send and receive sizes, order book updates, recaps and dropped messages 

  • Monitor middleware data calculated via the MamaLogger MAMA, including middleware type, messages received, recaps, queue size and subscriptions (active and timed out) 

  • Ability to accept data pushed from LatencyLogger, BookLogger, WadminLogger and DataLogger through the configurable interface provided by Vela

  • Monitor published WIMP and Line stats 

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