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Ensure scalability on websites, apps and APIs

For the always-on enterprise

Using ITRS Load Testing in your business

Global Reach

Control the ramp and bandwidth of thousands or millions of global virtual users and simulate real-world dynamics.

APM Integrations

Integrate with AppDynamics, New Relic, and Dynatrace to drill down, pinpoint critical issues, and identify root-cause.

End-User Insights

Measure the quality of user experience by viewing a stream of real browser render times and screenshots while tests run.

Real time reports

Get feedback in real time, adjust parameters on the fly, and find optimal concurrency, breakage points and peaks. 

66% of consumers reported they will leave websites 25% of the time due to slow performance*

Increasing customer expectations

Consumer expectations are at an all-time high. Users demand a near instantaneous experience across all devices, and at all times. To compound this, business and IT leaders recognises their mission-critical application stack is growing and becoming increasingly complex. When sluggish response times, performance bottlenecks, and full-blown website and application failures drive visitors away, the end result is lost revenue and reputational damage. With so many variables in play, how can businesses be confident their applications will perform under every circumstance?

Test scalability early and often

In order to effectively meet consumer demand for high-traffic applications, it is necessary to test application scalability early and often. ITRS Load Testing delivers an easy-to-use, enterprise solution for measuring an application’s response under normal and peak load conditions. By replicating real-world conditions in a controlled environment, ITRS Load Testing identifies and isolates performance bottlenecks so you can troubleshoot scalability issues and mitigate risk.

*stats according to SDTimes