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Auto Discovery - ITRS OP5 Monitor

Providing a powerful auto discovery feature capable of scanning and identifying devices in your environment


Using OP5 Monitor for Auto Discovery

ITRS OP5 Monitor provides a powerful auto discovery micro service feature capable of scanning your environment to find hosts identifying the system name, system description and relationships. The Auto Discovery micro service is especially beneficial in large and dynamic networks with equipment from multiple vendors.

Auto Discovery - ITRS OP5 Monitor

There are three discovery methods available within the Discovery tool:

  • Seed Router – By entering the host name or IP address of the router the discovery tool will locate all parent and child relationships associated with the router.
  • IP Range – A user can enter a range of IP addresses to help discover hosts.
  • IP List – A user can add a list of IP addresses to start the process of discovery.

With the three method types you can also use SNMP to collect detailed information about your network to produce environment details. Because the auto discovery feature is a micro service with its own API it can stand alone allowing it to integrated with other applications within your environment.

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