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ITRS Uptrends Real User Monitoring

Get performance data directly from the source - your users

Harness your users' experience

Harness your actual users' experience and collect and quantify website performance and user data directly from your site’s visitors with Real User Monitoring (RUM).

Website speed per country

See your user concentrations and website performance based on location. Compare your website performance throughout different countries and improve accordingly. Also, for Australia, Canada, and the US, you can view data per state or province.

Load time breakdown

See where your load time can be improved with rich data, including DOM and render duration, time to first byte and page ready time. Track which browsers and operating systems your visitors use and how fast your website loads, both on desktop and mobile.

Page views vs performance

Get a full overview of your visited pages and compare how each of them is performing to pinpoint problem pages and optimise accordingly. Spot trends in your charts and quickly see your load times during peak business hours.

See ITRS in action

We understand that navigating IT environments can be complex, and every organization faces unique challenges. That's why we offer customized demos tailored to your specific needs. Book your demo today to experience the power of intelligent, hybrid IT monitoring.