Exchanges and Liquidity Venues

Exchanges and Liquidity Venues

Exchanges and liquidity venues run complex networks of technology. They manage a colossal number of processes and extremely high volumes of data. One small glitch or anomaly can have dramatic consequences.

Increased regulatory scrutiny and a more anxious, unforgiving market means venues need to take action. Now more than ever, they must consider how they monitor a complex and interconnected infrastructure of applications and business processes and ensure they are iron-clad.

When you are dealing with other people’s money, responsibility cannot be shirked. This makes application monitoring for exchanges and liquidity venues business critical.

Geneos for Exchanges and Liquidity Venues

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How a leading Exchange offers a significant trading advantage to its members

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Geneos monitors operational performance across the main areas

Geneos collects information from multiple sources including third-party and bespoke applications. It is able to handle high volumes at low latencies. It provides technical and business metrics including the real-time status of connections, price deviations, trading activity, price comparisons and compliance with best execution requirements. Alerts are sent via email or SMS or can be streamed to prompt automated remediation processes and start-ups.

Market data
Connectivity gateways
Brokers services
Post-trade reporting
Away markets
Matching engines

Use Cases

ok Simplifies and automates real-time application monitoring at exchanges and liquidity venues

ok Cuts down noise and provides easy-to-share performance data relating to key technical and business metrics only

ok Makes trouble-shooting easier and decreases the time taken to resolve issues and outages

ok Reduces the potential for failures, outages or severe events helping firms meet regulatory requirements

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