In today's highly competitive markets, application monitoring for etrading platforms is crucial.

Both clients and regulators have increased their expectations and unexpected downtime, latency, or even a drop in volumes can have a devastating impact on your business and reputation.

ITRS Geneos provides an all-in-one platform to maintain the highest performance standards across complex, interconnected infrastructures and workflows.

Geneos for eTrading


ITRS Geneos provides a complete picture of all the systems that support eTrading operations – from third-party solutions to proprietary systems. It collects, analyses and visualises information on core applications and provides insight into all aspects of performance from a single, central point. Using Geneos enables you to spot issues as they arise, understand the cause and identify potential pitfalls or anomalies before they become a problem.

Connectivity gateways
Price feeds and market data
Order flow
Latency hot spots

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Customise, interact, alert, visualise, act

Customisable and interactive dashboards allow you to present the most relevant information to different audiences and users. It can send alerts via email or SMS or can be streamed to prompt automated remediation processes and start-ups. Geneos can also publish data to other solutions, including reporting and analytical tools.

Available as an out-of-the-box solution with a library of pre-configured plug-ins, Geneos can be adapted as your business changes. A development toolkit further enhances the flexibility of the Geneos solution, enabling you to add custom and bespoke systems into the Geneos monitoring environment.

Use Cases

ok Streamlines monitoring activity and enables simplification and automation of trading processes.

ok Generates performance statistics on trade flows and prices to give your traders business intelligence that was previously unattainable.

ok Tracks client behaviour and business performance against agreed SLAs.

ok Provides real-time visibility across data and trade flows, so you can automatically switch to alternative sources as required.

ok Offers insight into your end-to-end trade flow to help you identify trade latency, manage FIX connections, and ensure data integrity.

ok Helps manage market exposure, from the number of pending orders to the total monetary value of your orders.

ok Creates audit capabilities to see how and when an issue was resolved, and by who

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