Fixed Income

Fixed income markets are fast-paced and always changing. There is a constant stream of new instruments hitting the market, all of which function in diverse ways – and with each new product, new systems are required for execution, transaction processing and risk management.

Complex relationships between counterparties, the unique business rules that govern the markets and highly variable levels of liquidity add to this complexity, leading to less automated systems and more manual processing. As new products hit the market and new systems are produced to manage them, the need for effective application monitoring for fixed income trading continues to grow.

Geneos for Fixed Income


ITRS’ real-time solution, Geneos, provides application management for fixed income trading by offering a complete view of the disparate third-party systems that underpin your business. Geneos identifies any issues or potential issues within these systems and analyses how those problems are affecting your clients.

This includes a comprehensive overview of operational performance across the following areas:

Matching engines
Connectivity gateways
Price feeds and market data
Order flow
Latency hot spots

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Use Cases

ok Support business continuity by automating restarts and essential processes, tracks connectivity to clients, counterparties and trading venues as well as trader status

ok Monitors for price spikes and measures pricing and execution latencies.

ok Measures volumes traded throughout the systems and total resource usage.

ok Allows for full customisation of alert thresholds.

ok Provides total command control of all applications with complete visibility across third-party and proprietary systems.

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